A conversational UI boulder coach
(Bachelor Thesis)

My Tasks:
Ideation, Research, User interviews, Surveys, Sketching, Paper prototyping, Information architecture, Wireframing, Visual Design, Prototyping, User tests, motion design
1 Product Designer
(me) + two supervising professors:
Prof. Constanze Langer, Prof. Matthias Krohn

One of the most popular sports today is bouldering or free climbing. Interaction and feedback with other people is essential to strengthen the skills but it's not always possible to find a training partner at all times. This often lacks the necessary motivation and especially as the view from the outside is missing, it's hard to get ahead in difficult routes.

In this case, Alex, a personal boulder coach, helps. A depth sensor camera mounted in the hall measures the user's posture, direction of movement, and the used muscle groups to provide Alex with the information needed to provide personalized training instructions.


When bouldering, there are often several approaches and trying different ways is a core principle of this sport. Therefore, Alex will not present a complete solution, but gives tips to improve the technique. Alex recognizes the route and knows by watching other boulderers, which the best way to manage a section is.


The communication with Alex works hands-free via in-ear headphones with a built-in microphone. Outside of the gym, Alex acts as a chat bot, providing information about training progress, new routes in the favorite gyms in the area, or helps to connect with other boulderers.